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Right Your Resume back cover sneak peek

Acccck!  Don't you just hate getting these responses from jobs you applied to?

Responses like these usually occur for just one reason: your resume failed to do its job at convincing the decision makers that you were possibly suitable for their vacancy for them to take your application to the next stage.

But suffer no more!

Learn how to fix up a failing resume or create a new one from scratch. Right Your Resume provides you with professional guidance, tips and techniques used by resume writers that will enable you to:

  • know which sections and details to include, and where to place those sections and details on the page
  • decide which section and details are best left out altogether
  • protect yourself from discrimination and culling 'no' decisions
  • minimize the potential for misuse of your personal details and sensitive information
  • avoid common resume content mistakes that turn hiring manager's off
Right Your Resume: Fix or Create your Resume Content so you Stand Out and Impress the Hiring Manager is perfect for:
  • school leavers 
  • people returning to the paid workforce after a significant absence (such as parents and carers, and ex-offenders), 
  • people with English as a Second Language, and 
  • those seeking to change careers and are struggling to progress.

If this sounds like you, and what you need, then order your copy now. And you will soon be getting the invitations to attend interview phone calls that you would prefer rather than those horrible rejection emails.
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Right Your Resume Back Cover